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Technology for Human Progress

Today’s challenges in the field of water, river, port, nearshore and sea monitoring for maintenance are complex and require a multidisciplinary approach. We develop sustainable solutions in collaboration with other technical innovators, our customers, research institutes, our suppliers and leading experts. We also consider the broader environmental and ethical context of where our technology is used. In this way we aim to balance economic and environmental goals. We are committed to realising the best for human progress: smart, safe, cost-effective and sustainable.

Current situation

  • There is a great need for maintenance data, but the costs are high
  • Most application areas demand not one but multiple data collections
  • Water authorities and industries do not always have full insight in the effects of interventions in maintenance and the underlying causes

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Principles of Operation

High-end technology

We focus on advanced solutions for cutting edge autonomous surface vessels

Quality & safety

We focus on safety and quality to deliver reliable products

Customer satisfaction

Our customers always have top priority and their satisfaction is the main driver behind our ambitions

Partnerships & ecosystems

We always aim for constructive cooperation and co-creation through strong and long-lasting partnerships

High impact solutions

We consistently aim to contribute to our planet with effective solutions and use of new technology

Collaboration partners