Basin tests at MARIN

MARIN is a hydrodynamic and nautical research institute with a worldwide reputation. The organisation has a number of test basins with extensive instrumentation. They regularly make these facilities available free of charge to small and medium-sized enterprises to test new ideas and concepts.

We were lucky enough to be allocated one of these two-week slots. This gives us an opportunity to subject a scale model of the Phoenix 5 to rough sea tests. It would be difficult to do these tests outside the laboratory. The measurements in the test basin will help us determine the maximum sea state before capsizing, for a range of wave encounter angles, as well as the propulsion power required to operate under these conditions. We are looking forward to this exciting opportunity to learn more about the ASV we have been working hard on for the last few years.

The MARIN Concept Basin for seakeeping tests has a length of 220 m, a width of 4 m and a depth of 3.6 m. The wave generators can create sea states up to 6, while the scale model is towed through the basin by an overhead carriage.