Entrepreneur tips from Aquatic Drones on SMASH-UP # 4

Maarten Ruyssenaers is one of the speakers at SMASH-UP # 4 on Tuesday 20 March in Dordrecht. He experienced a substantial growth with his Aquatic Drones. During the SMASH-UP he gives – next to a demonstration of the latest drone text and explanation about the development of a successful company in Smart Shipping.

Ruyssenaers built a permanent team in 2017 and continued working on his drones. During the SMASH-UP he wants to talk with visitors about how a start-up can best grow in a climate where it is sometimes difficult to innovate. “You must continue to believe in your vision and also radiate it. We noticed from the beginning that parties were interested and believed in us because we did that ourselves, “says Ruyssenaers. 

Also, according to the Smart Shipping entrepreneur, it is good to know what is going on in the market. “Go into conversation with the parties that can take you further. If you know what Rijkswaterstaat needs, you can respond to that. This way you can continue working together continuously and you keep adjusting your product. This means you end up with products that benefit all parties. “

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