Dec 2021

Basin tests at MARIN
We will subject a scale model of the Phoenix 5 to rough sea tests at the facilities of MARIN, a hydrodynamic and nautical research institute with a number of test basins.
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Nov 2021

Phoenix 5: Demonstrations to customers
We have a busy period ahead, with a number of demonstration projects and surveys. The harsh Dutch winter weather will certainly put the Phoenix to the test
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Nov 2021

North Sea trials
Together with TNO and Boskalis we are going to do a number of surveys in an area off the coast of Scheveningen to support operations with undersea cables for offshore wind parks.
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Nov 2021

Continuation of the River IJssel survey programme
The survey operations on the River IJssel will be extended. Our Phoenix will carry out more surveys in the area where the new type of groynes were constructed.
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Oct 2021

Subsidy for research into autonomous water measurements
Together with our partners we have received a subsidy for research into autonomous water measurements in Zeeland Water with our Phoenix 5.
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Oct 2021

Phoenix 5: wet tests
We test our Phoenix 5 thoroughly in different circumstances. Special focus is on range, endurance, top speed, manoeuvrability, launch and recovery, data communication, hydrographical and survey operations. Multiple scenarios for autonomy and object avoidance will be tested.

Jul 2021

First Phoenix 5 series production model completed
We have finished building our first production series P5! It has been fitted with all systems, sensors, etc. The ‘dry’ tests have all been completed successfully and we are now gearing up for the ‘wet’ tests.

Apr 2021

Autonomous operation demonstration
We have given a successful demonstration of the autonomous operation of our preproduction Phoenix for a number of current and potential customers and partners.
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Apr 2021

Update River IJssel survey programme (Oct 2019 – Feb 2021)
We have now completed over fifteen surveys of two stretches of the IJssel for this project. The Phoenix did a great job, despite the sometimes challenging environment. In addition to surveying the riverbed morphology we also surveyed the kribben and erosion control screens, using sonar below water and video and Lidar above water. Because of the stability of our vessel the data was of a high quality and needed very little postprocessing before we handed it over to research institute Deltares for analysis.

Sep 2020

Construction of the Phoenix 5 has started
The last few months we have been busy analysing the results of the extensive tests of the preproduction version. As a result we decided to upgrade some systems, including the motors and batteries. The hull has also been refined. We are now hard at work on the final design of the production version of the Phoenix. This is designated Phoenix 5, as it has a length of 5 metres.

Oct 2019

River IJssel survey programme (Oct 2019 – Feb 2021)
Rijkswaterstaat (RWS, an operational department of the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management) is responsible for the kribben (groynes) along the major rivers in the Netherlands. These are a type of groyne for erosion control. RWS has started a pilot project on the river IJssel with an innovative type of flexible and semipermeable kribbe which promises to reduce costs, bring environmental benefits and be more resistant to impact by ships. The works will be carried out by international construction company BAM and dredging company Van den Herik and the project will be monitored by research institute Deltares.

Aug 2019

Test of the Phoenix pre-production version
The Phoenix has been thoroughly tested with approvement of the Dutch regulation authority. This in preparation of the survey programme on the river Ijssel for the coming 18 months. Rijkswaterstaat (RWS, an operational department of the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management) is the client of this large survey programme.

Jul 2019

Integration & calibration of survey systems on the Phoenix pre-production version
We have integrated the survey systems. Multibeam Echo Sounder, LiDAR and cameras. The photometric calibration has been done by Geovisie, aligning all survey sensors with the motion sensor and RTK/GNSS for up to 2 cm accuracy.

Mar 2019

New Phoenix preproduction version under construction
We are building a new Phoenix! We have learned a lot from the operations carried out with the first prototype, a catamaran, built and deployed from 2017. It successfully completed surveys for customers such as Rijkswaterstaat (an operational department of the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management), the Port of Rotterdam and a Dutch water board.