New Phoenix preproduction version under construction

We are building a new Phoenix! We have learned a lot from the operations carried out with the first prototype, a catamaran, built and deployed from 2017. It successfully completed surveys for customers such as Rijkswaterstaat (an operational department of the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management), the Port of Rotterdam and a Dutch waterboard. 

Further to these projects, our customers indicated they needed more systems on the vessel. We therefore decided to change to a monohull design with a flat bottom. The larger hull volume results in more buoyancy for accommodating extra systems and weight and providing more internal space. Our studies indicated that this design would also provide good stability and provide a better platform for the envisaged operations. It allows us to use more powerful batteries and motors, and supply more power to the survey equipment. The sensor package and other systems have also been updated. We will use the new Phoenix for a range of survey projects which will provide valuable data to our customers. After that we will finalise the design and start series production.