Phoenix preproduction design updated

The initial design of our Phoenix ASV (Autonomous Surface Vessel) had a catamaran hull. We used it for a number of test projects which provided lots of useful information about range, stability, manoeuvrability and sensor integration. We have also been discussing its applications in greater detail with potential customers. Over the past two years they have asked us to add more sensors, so the ASV can be used not only for hydrographic surveys, but also to survey objects such as quay walls above and below water. Additionally, they want to be able to undertake day-long surveys while operating on fast-flowing rivers and in ports. 

All these requirements mean that the next model needs to have more powerful motors and batteries and accommodate more surveying equipment and other sensors. After careful consideration we have therefore decided to use a monohull instead of a catamaran. We are now detailing the revised design and hope to start building the new preproduction unit in a few months’ time.