Predictive Data Model

Authorities and companies which manage and maintain marine assets require data to plan this maintenance. Effective ASV surveys combined with our predictive maintenance models can help you plan dredging operations, repairs and water quality improvements more effectively. The models predict the rate and location of the deterioration of your assets. This enables you to reduce both costs and the environmental footprint of maintenance operations.

Our Predictive Data Model assists you by:

  • Determining the optimum survey intervals and the required data
  • Providing a dashboard with real-time data
  • Delivering data pipelines for analytics and forecasts

"We deliver data processing and predictive maintenance models that fit our clients’ workflows and software. More data, lower costs, lower carbon footprint and more effective maintenance"


  • Monitor maintenance status of water asset management in waterways, ports and sea
  • Predict water depth (bathymetry)
  • Monitor and predictive maintenance of quay walls, dams, riggs and other water related assets
  • Monitor and predict water quality and ecology
  • Explanatory models about what is degrading your assets and how fast
  • Explanatory models explaining and measuring effectivity of operations (i.e. dredging) on your assets
  • Data management, data warehousing and dashboarding web- and mobile applications
  • Innovating your operations by gathering data in one place

The challenge

Water asset management is challenging. The water is never still, just like the status of the assets. Quay walls, docking stations, locks and other assets, should be fully under your control, so that a costly operation can be managed by knowing when and how to maintain them properly. Without the right insights you might be spending precious time on unneeded operations or combine multiple interventions in a strategic planning. 

We aim to provide you with data insights measuring the impact of the operations or advising on what is the right timing to intervene. We also have expertise to create IT infrastructure, live dashboards, web applications and push messages to streamline your operations. This way your data is safely accessible and available for all the possible users.

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