Meet the team

We work on game-changing technologies with our core team and on project basis with a larger multidisciplinary team consisting of passionate engineers and experts. Meet our Management Board:

Founder & CEO


Maarten Ruyssenaers

Developing smart and clean solutions, in co-creation with experts in various fields, is a powerful process. Perseverance, fun, and 

passion are all required to make the biggest impact on people, the planet, and society. I have managed many different technological innovation projects from start to finish, including reliable operations. Such projects have been small and dynamic as well as large programs that span several years, aimed at product development in the fields of maritime robotics, sensing, and information technology.

Hardware Manager

Photography: @De Vaste Clique

Jozef Hendricks

I am a passionate designer and engineer, capable of creating unique designs and concepts. For the past 10 years, I have been working

throughout the world in the design field. Always looking for green and sustainable solutions, to have the least impact on the environment. To be able to create products form the first sketch to end product and be involved in all parts of the design process with a great team of specialists within aquatic drones is where my passion lays. Overall, the combination of innovative technologies and product design attracted me to Aquatic Drones.

Software Manager


Prabhu Mani

Growing up in India I have always been inspired by companies that address real-world problems. Aquatic drones combine the sustainability of self-

driving cars and push the boundaries of innovation in the maritime sector. With over 8 years of work experience in Embedded systems, Robotics, and Industrial automation in the Netherlands, I am excited to contribute my time and effort to this pioneering technology for the future.”

Sales Director


Mark van der Star

I am an experienced and enthusiastic entrepreneur-style professional in the shipping and marine industry. Grown-up at our family’s shipyard

and later working as merchant sailor, my blood is filled with seawater. During my onshore career, I have worked as well in operational as commercial management positions. As a true team player I am used to work under great pressure. I use my brought network and warm relations with colleagues, competitors and clients to build synergy across the board. My main goal is to tailor the best solution for the situation at hand. Innovation and autonomous maritime developments are at the top of my interest. The maritime domain will go through an era of change and autonomous technology will be one of these drivers. Next to eliminating CO2 and exhaust fumes output. I am excited to be part of this journey and support Aquatic Drones with their developments.