Meet the team

We work on game-changing technologies with our core team and on project basis with a larger multidisciplinary team consisting of passionate engineers and experts.

Maarten Ruyssenaers 123

Founder & CEO

Developing smart and clean solutions, in co-creation with experts in various fields, is a powerful process. Perseverance, fun, and 

passion are all required to make the biggest impact on people, the planet, and society. I have managed many different technological innovation projects from start to finish, including reliable operations. Such projects have been small and dynamic as well as large programs that span several years, aimed at product development in the fields of maritime robotics, sensing, and information technology.

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Arjen de Jong 123

Business Development Manager

The world is ever changing, currently at a very rapid pace. This requires us, humans, to adapt and take our responsibility. Aquatic Drones fulfills 

the requirements for improved sustainability, safety and efficiency. These topics inspire me to provide solutions to the world. I am business-focussed with a background in Mechanical Engineering and over 15 years of experience in the Maritime, Offshore and Energy domains in various roles. It is my goal and privilege to create added value and do business by building sustainable ecosystems and win-win collaborations.

6166a34193aa77ab5c6843b9_2021 Nico Wisse

Nico Wisse 123

Business Development Manager

Aquatic Drones operates at the forefront of development in the technical and legislative fields to increase sustainability on our

waterways. I find this pioneering environment very inspiring. Having worked in different countries as a business developer/project manager for other companies I am highly motivated to apply my knowledge and experience to bring this sustainable product to a success!


Sanela van de Nostrum 123

Office Manager

I am very excited to be part of this innovative team and to contribute to co-creating value for human progress!

With my versatility and accuracy I support the team in all possible ways, from marketing to HR!

Photography: @De Vaste Clique

Jozef Hendricks 123

Product & Design Manager

I am a passionate designer and engineer, capable of creating unique designs and concepts. For the past 10 years, I have been working

throughout the world in the design field. Always looking for green and sustainable solutions, to have the least impact on the environment. To be able to create products form the first sketch to end product and be involved in all parts of the design process with a great team of specialists within aquatic drones is where my passion lays. Overall, the combination of innovative technologies and product design attracted me to Aquatic Drones.


Timothy Hope 123

Engineering & Quality Manager

Aquatic Drones is about innovation, progress and pioneering new technologies in the maritime industry. All these attributes are

what makes working here exciting and challenging. My experience in the offshore and maritime industry ranges from field work to managing large and highly innovative projects. I have bachelor’s and master’s  degrees in Mechanical Engineering with a specialisation in robotics. I enjoy working on projects from the initial concepts right through to testing and delivery. The future of surveying, mapping and environmental data collection is in unmanned and autonomous vehicles. It is exciting to be part of the change and to contribute to greener and safer solutions.

60c8a1e39df5e8ef7db652e5_photo Harold Hospers

Harold Hospers 123

Mechanical Engineer

During my career I’ve been exploring the world of mechanical engineering. From doing research in the field of Biomimicry to Industrial 

Automation. In those years I found my main passion which is designing, creating something out of nothing. Trying to make the impossible possible. I’m always interested in new technology and innovation where Aquatic Drones caught my attention. Being part of a passionate team and having engineering freedom is where dreams meet reality. At Aquatic Drones you have the opportunity to work on a more sustainable future.

60c8a1e39df5e8356db652e9_S.Buitenhuid pasfoto

Stefan Buitenhuis 123

Hydrographical Researcher

I am a Hydrographer and I am highly motivated to work with Aquatic Drones to improve their products. There is a lot to discover and learn on

the job, as uncrewed survey vessels are entering the field of maritime maintenance. The direction of Aquatic Drones is one that I am very interested in. I want to see what we can achieve, in the best possible way, expanding my experience through R&D and continuous improvement of the vessels capabilities.

Photography: @Celeste Veurman

Muhammad Tariq 123

Software Architect & Manager

I am an independent, motivated professional with an education in the field of Computer Engineering. I am a versatile, technical and 

hardworking professional with a passion for challenging environments. Playing with the electronics and microprocessors is not just my job, but my hobby as well. Aquatic Drones means to me: a technical playground, lots of fun, satisfaction and a creative outlet. My motivation to work for Aquatic Drones is that this company is one of the pioneers in the Marine Industry. Aquatic Drones is a company with a broad vision. The combination of autonomy and the Internet of Things can bring a huge positive impact on the society.


David Fortini 123

AI Engineer & Data Scientist

I believe that technology is a means to improve our world and make our lives easier. That is why when I heard about Aquatic Drones I was really 

interested in how I could make a contribution to such a great start-up. Luckily the combination of business and IT knowledge have allowed me to help Aquatic Drones grow. So far I have participated in different exciting projects giving advice, especially in the field of data processing and analysis. In this way, I can contribute to the journey of Aquatic Drones, doing what I like the most while making a positive impact on society.


Prabhu Mani 123

Senior Software Engineer

Growing up in India I have always been inspired by companies that address real-world problems. Aquatic drones combine the 

sustainability of self-driving cars and push the boundaries of innovation in the maritime sector. With over 8 years of work experience in Embedded systems, Robotics, and Industrial automation in the Netherlands, I am excited to contribute my time and effort to this pioneering technology for the future.”

60c8a1e39df5e8bb41b652e3_photo Sana Tariq

Sana Tariq 123

Full Stack Web Developer & Embedded Electronics & Software Engineer

With a degree in Computer Engineering, I have a thorough

working experience in the Software Industry. Recognized for demonstrating a natural aptitude for performing effectively in high-pressure and fast-changing environments, as well as for collaborating with diverse cross-functional teams, I have a demonstrable history of contributing directly to project growth and expansion throughout my career particularly as a software engineer (full stack web development). Aquatic Drones works towards co-creating value for human progress. It provides me with a diverse, challenging and creative experience in an arena of endless opportunities to hone my engineering skills while directly impacting human sustainability. That is exactly what I am passionate about: working in fast-paced dynamic environments that address creating solutions for people, with people, to serve people.